Monday, 27 February 2012

Glorious Sunday

Hunting through markets is something of a hobby of mine and I can often be found at Tynemouth station on a weekend rooting through costume jewels and bits of china for that tiny hidden treasure I have coveted in my mind for some weeks.  I dragged poor Sterl along on the promise of pancakes at the excellent Porter's coffee house and he revealed to me that we had £20 of winnings from the lottery to use in the day's bargain hunting.
Tally Ho then...

Lot's of tat and the usual dubious Nazi memorabilia stall accompanied homemade cakes and soaps and 'shabby chic' furniture (which I am beginning to understand means little more than "painted matt white and overpriced").  I enjoyed sifting through the 50p buttons but none were too my taste - I'm more a £1 girl ;-)  Found some real beauties made of greenish glass and some gilded faux pearl that will do quite nicely for any studding I have to do.    Tiny teaspoons evaded me as they all seemed to be decorated with the coat of arms for Majorca or somewhere equally irrelevant to my project.  But Sterl pointed out two teeny tiny glass bottles - still containing traces of potent womanly scent - for £1 each.  His haggling attempt failed but I tried again later and shaved off enough for a bag of aniseed balls and some haribo jelly babies....winning!

The find of the day though came as a lovely surprise - I had spotted a tremendously large and beautiful hunter style pocket watch on the stall of one of the more regular antique dealers and enquired as to it's cost.  It was heavy, French in style and still ticking away merrily but at £35 was a little out of my budget.  So I chatted away about the project and asked for even any broken watches he may have in supply that I could pick apart for my wonderland needs.  he produced for me the most delightful little pocketwatch - an Omega spherical with added chains and domed glass.  Perfectly weird and wonderful and I got it for tenner less than the lady whispered he should charge thanks to my superhuman hearing and puppy dog eyes :-D

Still waiting on the fabric to arrive but project wonderland is looking more go than ever.....

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