Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Well HELLO Mr Postman :-D

Objects of wonder(land) started to arrive today and I am getting pretty anxious to get started whilst in this positive frame of mind.

Beautiful buttons, assorted feathers of many colours and a beautiful Victorian ink well - the ink well is especially good.  I plan to set this into the arm of the chair, so that it can be used.  Storytelling and handwritten manuscripts - we've lost so much of this in our digital age and I would love to perhaps inspire someone to get their ink on and compose a thing of beauty.  I will have to ask my friend Sarah Mc for advice on inks as I know she is fond of a good violet pigment or two.

Sketched up a few more basic shapes for the upholstery padding and am looking into the practicalities of using old duvets instead of forking out for the real stuff.  I will get more flexibility from this and also get a softer finish, making the chair super comfy and overstuffed.  But I do worry the shape won't last so may have to look at constructing a foam frame to wrap with duvets - saving money on foam but not losing the shape I require.

Off to get creative on my head right now...shaving parts of my hair off makes me happy :)

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