Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nothing (ad)ventured....

Been a busy few days with a few good developments for Project Wonderland :)

Just got back from Manchester where I attended the Tattoo Tea Party (see here) - a loosely Wonderland themed convention of tattoo artists.  Many stalls had played along with the theme and there were sweets, cupcakes, beautiful picture frames and even some white rose bushes splattered with red paint which made me smile.
I was a little disappointed at the lack of tea itself - the readily available beverage was beer, beer and more beer - but enjoyed the room full of buzzing needles and watching people trying to look cool whilst being indelibly marked.  They all kinda failed really but bless them for trying!

I also very much enjoyed the work of this lovely lady who was perfectly dressed as Alice herself and had a gorgeous array of handpainted crockery that made me long for a nice slice of victoria(n) sponge cake and a good sit down in a comfy chair.

Better get on with it then!!

Below are a couple of photos of the Holy Trinity church I talked about a little while before.  There are also a couple from the beginnings of the chair wrecking - my fabric has arrived so I have begun to strip the old piece down to it's basic frame.  It's not hard work really but takes a little brute strength with the stanley knife and pliers - I'm taking it slowly though as there is much work to be done before the rebuild and this has got to be perfection itself.

The blue plaque I saw from the bus which first sparked a real interest in the local links of the story

 A moody moi outside of the Holy Trinity church in Southwick - it is a lovely spot with a nice view of the river

The original chair - old, loved and battered but still strong

My cat, Bootsy Collins, inspecting my first bit of work

Soon I plan to upload some sketches of the original design for this chair and some more technical drawings on how I plan to rebuild it....but patience, beautiful things take precious time 

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  1. Was lovely meeting you at the convention (I was the girl on the Vintage Vandalism Stand) - I Too was disapointed by the lack of Tea avaliable.
    Can't wait to see the finished chair - keep up the good work. x


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